Logycom, is a foreign trade consulting business that provides expert information that anticipates errors and facilitates savings in time and costs.

We focus the efforts of businesses and private parties working as a Foreign Trade Department that offers you the flexibility of being inside and outside of your offices.

These are some of our services:

  • Analysis and application of legal, fiscal, and foreign trade bases.
  • Tariff Classification Service for merchandise within the scope of the exporting and/or importing general tax law.
  • International coordination for cargo and Logistics.
  • Rules of origin and procedures for the different free trade agreements.

Likewise we also provide management services in proceedings for:

  • IMMEX programs
  • PROSEC programs
  • Prior Permits
  • BA letters for SAT
  • Draw Back

Flexible services. Real benefits.

  • Outsourcing services for your importing and Purchasing department, part-time and full-time.
  • In-house services at your factory for management of the Foreign Trade department.
  • Logistical Analysis for management of your merchandise.
  • We work with you and your personnel to yield the full potential of your Foreign Trade opportunities.

Get in touch and let us know more about your logistical needs.

Phone assistance

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